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March Newsletter

Race Season is getting closer. So here are some updates.

We are switching to Race Ready for our race day system. What this means is, you WILL HAVE TO MAKE A PROFILE TO RACE on their website. If you have already bought a membership, I'll be reaching out to get your membership linked to your profile. If you haven't bought a membership you will buy one through the Race Ready website when its ready. It'll take probably a week or so for me to get everything up and running well. But you can go to the Race Ready web site and create a profile. Please do this prior to race day. We won't be doing live timing for this year but this system allows you to buy everything online with one click of a button and at the end of the day the results will be available online. Its a slick system to say the least. I'll make a profile for myself and have my kids under my name and with one click can sign up and pay for all 6 of our classes. You can still pay cash at the track but you still have to have a Race Ready account. Just in case I forgot to mention this. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A RACE READY ACCOUNT TO RACE TRI-STATE. As far as combo races go, depending on what the other series do, it’ll be up to the tracks to choose what system they use(trackside or Race Ready). But for Mitchell you will need a Race Ready account whether you're a Tri-state, HPMA or SDMA member. There will be no paper sign up at Mitchell. It'll all be done on this system. So if you show up and don't have a profile, guess what you get to do when you get up to the sign up shack. Make a profile. Now for the people that don't know how to use a computer, we will help you at the track. But if you're reading this letter, I'm sure you know how to click a button or 2. Help us to help you to help us to help you to help us to help you to help us to help you! Make sense? I will have many more posts in the next month and a half on FB about it so don't sweat it.

We will be doing the nomination year end rider of the year voting system again this year. I felt it was rushed last year so I really want to make sure everyone knows what's going on. We did add a requirement that the rider has to be in the top 3 of a class (in that category) to be eligible for rider of the year, with the exception of most improved. So just be on the lookout and watch for your favorite riders all year for nomination. Out of 150 members, we got 40 votes. So voting for nomination will begin the week after the last race. Lets try and get 100% participation this year!

The helmet rule. We've updated this to be more clear. Under 18 must wear a helmet while riding any motor vehicle in the pits. Over 18 must wear a helmet while riding any competition vehicle, meaning any dirt bikes, quads of any kind and non-caged off road vehicles. The board and track officials at any moment have the right to ask you to wear a helmet if some new vehicle comes in that's not listed that we think needs to have a helmet worn while on our properties. Before anyone gets their undies in a bunch again, it's a helmet, calm down. As Tri-state we've been very lucky not to have any incidents. I'd like to keep it that way, but if something were to happen I want to make sure our riders, tracks and us are protected.

We added a new peewee class. Peewee beginner, it follows the same rules as Peewee C but its a non-points class for anyone wants to try and dabble in racing without having to ride with more advanced riders. But there will need to be 3 to constitute a class. Trophies will be awarded in the form of medals or whatever the track has.

Please please please make sure your kid is in the correct class. With all rules, the board are not out trying to police everything. If we see it we’ll say something but if we don't we might not find out until mid season. So if your kid or you are riding out of class we might not catch it until mid season. Then you will be forced up to the correct class. If this happens you will keep 50% of your points. Please just read the rule book. It's not hard.

We’re starting to get some more sponsors, Please support them!! If you or anyone you know could benefit from sponsoring the series please let me know! April 10th is the last date to sign up as a sponsor to be put on our banners and shirts. After that you can still sign up to be a sponsor but won't be put on the banners or shirts for the year.

Our Series Sponsor Is DEFY Graphics. Message Mark to get your bike graphics done for the year. Plus he does so much more. Anything you want printed he can do

Pro Racing Suspension.

SOFA brand clothing.

Gunny Motor works.

Surface Specialists of Denver

Fallout Racing

Black Canyon Creative

If you have any questions or concerns please message us!



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